Observations | Rick Bonnell

If you're looking for something positive from Tuesday's loss to the Denver Nuggets, consider Adam Morrison's first half – 4-of-5 shooting for 12 points, plus two assists and two rebounds.

It wasn't just what he did, it was his presence doing it: Morrison played like someone who could have been the No.3 overall pick.

He was crafty and almost arrogant, creating runners and tear-drop shots or drawing the defense and making a timely pass.

That's more like Morrison looked at Gonzaga than we've seen in a long time.

Sean May was activated for the first time in six games. He played 21/2 minutes in the fourth quarter. Coach Larry Brown's assessment: “It took him four seconds to shoot a jump shot.”

I'm pretty confident Brown didn't mean that as a compliment, particularly since May missed that shot. Then Brown said something more encouraging about May's effort at conditioning: “I'd like him to be further along, but he's trying.”

Raymond Felton, Emeka Okafor, Jason Richardson and Gerald Wallace are listed on the Eastern Conference All-Star ballot.

I'd say J-Rich has the best chance, and to make it, he needs to play the first third of this season like the last third of last season.