Bobcats Observations

Larry Brown is an incredibly young 68, but sometimes his cultural references reveal his age. Like before Monday's game, when he said swapping Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups was like “ Marilyn Monroe for Jane Russell.”

Brown coached Iverson in Philadelphia and Billups and Antonio McDyess in Detroit. His thoughts on the big deal:

“Allen is really special. If they want excitement in that building, they're going to get it because every time he steps on the court, he's going to try to win the game. I don't think you would ever consider giving up Chauncey and Dice unless you were getting something you thought was pretty special.”

If McDyess gets bought out by the Nuggets, would the Bobcats pursue him.? Brown wouldn't address that, but he did say McDyess was “like my second son” in Detroit.

The problem with such a reunion is McDyess would probably want to go to a contender. It's a good bet the Pistons would want him back.

Former Southern California coach Henry Bibby has been hanging with the Bobcats, first on their preseason trip to the West Coast and now in Charlotte. Brown says he's trying to help Bibby get back into coaching.

“If he's around and people see him, hopefully they'll remember him. Guys did that for me when I wasn't working.”

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