Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Bobcats - Utah Jazz: Observations

•  So in the first half, during a timeout, they dressed up Rufus in Larry Johnson “Grandmama” garb. Kinda felt sorry for the big orange guy – finding out four days before Christmas he’ll be out of work, and all.

•  Halftime felt a little like New Year’s Eve. Festive and exciting, but I liked that the Bobcats marketing department didn’t go over the top with staging. Well done.

•  Predictably the Bobcats looked kind of tired against the Jazz; four games in five nights will do that to a team, particularly all the energy they expended in comebacks against the Raptors and Pistons.

•  I got the sense Bobcats center Al Jefferson enjoyed it when the Jazz had Enes Kanter guard him. That matchup would have happened a lot in practice back in Salt Lake City, and it was clear Jefferson knew how to set him up.

•  That three-day break from games around Christmas this week will do Bobcats some real good. Schedule has been so dense in the beginning.

•  For those wanting gear with the new Hornets logos, the Bobcats say it will be available in the team store starting around Jan. 18.