Charlotte Hornets

Observations: Charlotte Bobcats 105, Orlando Magic 92

• I’ve thought for a while that coach Mike Dunlap should play reserve center Brendan Haywood more. Not dramatically more, but more. He’s solid as a post defender and this team doesn’t have much usable size. The first half Tuesday made the point.

Sometimes if Kemba Walker doesn’t score, he’s not contributing much to the overall offense. Tuesday, recognizing Gerald Henderson and Byron Mullens were on a roll, Walker became more of a distributor.

• While the Bobcats have the worst record in the NBA, it’s not out of shooting range that they could pass Orlando and/or Washington in the Southeast Division standings.

Dunlap said he has had a discussion or two with players, to gauge their mood with the Thursday trade deadline looming. “One-on-one,” Dunlap said. “To not acknowledge it is probably not the smartest thing to do but you don’t make it a primary focus.”