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Bonnell: Bobcats’ Kidd-Gilchrist was invisible against the Clippers

Five passing thoughts on a Bobcats game that showed promise, then got utterly brutal in the second half against the Clippers:

He was invisible Tuesday against the Clippers in a way that sticks out even on the NBA’s worst team. He played 22 minutes, and I suspect if he weren’t drafted so high, he would have played seven. He was scoreless with one rebound and one block.

Usually when MKG has a bad game, it’s foul trouble. He never committed a foul Tuesday; he was just invisible.

Three educated guesses what’s going on:

1. His inability to make jump shots is widely known, so teams guard him exclusively for the drive.

2. He’s now played virtually the equivalent of two college seasons and he looks exhausted.

3. I don’t know whether he has a great coping mechanism when things go south.

When you play in high school with Kyrie Irving, then play on a Kentucky team that overwhelmed everyone, you’re used to things going well.

Tyrus Thomas hasn’t gotten a uniform in a half-dozen games. Ben Gordon didn’t play, by coach’s decision, in two of the past three games. I get that both of these guys are culpable; Thomas doesn’t contribute much, particularly relative to his contract, and Gordon had been insubordinate.

I also get that when in doubt, play the young guys.

But humiliating these veterans – very expensive veterans, by the way – is beginning to feel like overkill.

He’s matured greatly into that guy you always want in your locker room. And he’s a player with an edge on the court the Bobcats generally lack.