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Tom Talks: Warriors and Spurs on? Sleep will have to wait

Ran into a Carolina Panthers coach before rookie camp Friday. We talked about what everybody in my circle of friends talks about.

Did you stay up?

Meaning: Did I stay up for Friday’s night’s Golden State-San Antonio NBA playoff game?

I made it to halftime, I said. The coach said he did, too.

I talked to a Panthers staff member before Saturday’s practice. He talked about the Warriors and Spurs. The coach and staffer initiated both conversations.

Sunday was a gift for fans of this series. The Warriors and Spurs played at 3:30 p.m., which meant nobody conked out prematurely.

The Spurs did fade, however.

I respect almost everything about San Antonio – coaching, players, leaders, veterans and the ability to find talent in the second round (North Carolina’s Danny Green).

But Golden State is my team and has been since the first-round series against Denver. I also enjoyed the Warriors during the season on the rare occasions they were on TV.

The Warriors didn’t play the way they customarily do in Sunday’s overtime victory against San Antonio. Stephen Curry was hobbling, and the Spurs concocted a defense that took away most of Golden State’s unencumbered 3-pointers.

The Warriors fought through this one, however, hung around and then dominated overtime. The series is even at two games apiece.

They play again at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday in San Antonio.

Sleep is overrated.