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N.C. State’s Scott Wood works out with Charlotte Bobcats

Former N.C. State basketball player Scott Wood was one of 12 players auditioning for the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday. Columnist Tom Sorensen caught up with Wood and got his thoughts on:


Thursday’s baseball game between the Wolfpack and North Carolina:

“I hope they kick UNC’s tail. ... Hopefully we can get them again and we can advance. Survive and advance is what they’re saying. So we all believe in them. So good luck to them.

“I’ll be in Atlanta (to audition for the Hawks). But I should be able to catch part of the game. Hopefully my flight isn’t during the game so I can catch a little bit of it.”


On trying out with the Bobcats:

“If I ended up here it would be awesome because I know that there’s State fans in the area that could come watch me. So we’ll see how it works out.”


On whether his ability to hit the 3-pointer gives him an advantage in the NBA workouts:

“I hope so. I hope some of the teams recognize that. Different than a college three but I’m doing pretty well.Hopefully they recognize that’s a good asset to have.

“It’s different (pro three versus college three). At the beginning it doesn’t really make a difference to me, but as you work out you have to make sure you get your legs into it because it is a little farther back. And you just gotta make sure that you get good arc on it and get your legs into it.”

(Note: A college 3-pointer is 20.9 feet; an NBA 3-pointer is 23.9 feet.)

Tom Sorensen

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