Patriots’ Bill Belichick deflects Antonio Brown questions: ‘We’re working on Miami’

It’s safe to say New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick isn’t often forthcoming with information during news conferences.

So it should be little surprise that Belichick had little to say Wednesday about Patriots receiver Antonio Brown, who has been accused of rape by his former personal trainer. Brown has denied the claim.

Belichick tried to avoid questions by opening with this statement: “On Antonio’s situation, both Antonio and his representatives have made statements, so I’m not going to be expanding on any of those. They are what they are. We’ve looked into the situation. We’re taking it very seriously all the way through the organization. I’m sure there are questions, but I’m not going to be entering into a discussion about that today.”

Naturally, reporters at the news conference tried to ask questions about Brown, but Belichick wasn’t forthcoming with much information.

Belichick did say he was preparing for Brown to be at Wednesday’s practice. As for Sunday’s game at Miami, Belichick said, “we’re taking it one day at a time. Just like we always do.”

At one point, Belichick repeated the phrase, “We’re working on Miami.”

Here is the news conference: