Carolina Panthers

P@nthers tweets before Monday’s Panthers-Eagles game

The top tweets by and about the Carolina Panthers this week:


#CARvsPHI Game Note presented by @RicohTweets: In our last three wins over Carolina, #Eagles have outscored the Panthers 95-42.


Chip says Cam Newton is an underrated passer. Says he only makes plays with his legs when guys are covered. #Eagles.


“I am hopefully a better version of myself.” Mark Sanchez believes he’ll be a different QB in Chip’s offense.


Spent a great day with the troops at Shaw Air Force Base. Thanks for showing us around. @20FighterWing @Panthers.


If Sanchez starts v #Panthers on MNF, long rest, health(ier) OL, they have a chance. Then ATL before bye. Year’s not lost (yet).


Chip: We had Kelvin Benjamin on our board as a talented wideout. Not surprised by his success this season.


“(Luke Kuechly) sets the tone & is the attitude of the (Panthers) defense…one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.” – @michaelirvin88.


I get Ron Rivera wanting Hardy back, but unless he’s been learning how to play OL I’m not sure the Panthers are any better with him.