Carolina Panthers

P@nthers Tweets before Browns-Panthers game.

The top tweets by and about the Carolina Panthers this week:

@randywattson (Charles Johnson)

Best national anthem goes to the little girl who killed it Sunday at our game #salute #shecansing


Thank you for all the support today! Great team win! #KeepPounding


Look at Cam Newton’s truck after that crash. Then remember Romo got same spinal injury from an NFL hit.


Less than two weeks after a horrific car crash, Cam Newton is starting. Dude is made of adamantium.


I know Johnny Football was lousy last Sunday...but has any other QB been buried like this after just one game? Maybe JaMarcus Russell?


Manziel proponents say he can be Russell Wilson. I liken him more to Troy Smith...a 5th rounder no longer in the NFL.


Excited to announce this Sunday’s halftime show. Shelby HS Orchestra featuring PurrCussion! Don’t miss it! #CLEvsCAR.


Kyle Shanahan w/ full support of Manziel. Said he’s humble, wanted to play well. He felt bad for him b/c of pressure he faced entering debut.’