Carolina Panthers

QB Cam Newton admits he’s not perfect in cryptic post, ‘but I’m damn sure worth it’

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton posted a cryptic Facebook message about his worth on Tuesday afternoon.

“MÅK£ ÑØ MΊTÅK£ ÅßØÜT ÎT, Î ₩ØÜŁD ߣ TH£ FÎRŠT TØ T£ŁŁ ¥ØÜ, “im ÑØT ₽£RF£€T būt im dämñ šūrē ₩ØRTH ÎT,” read Newton’s post, which he ended with a bold red exclamation mark.

Newton included the hashtag ‪#‎šhiñēTHRÜthēŠHÅDË, but he offered no context as to what he meant by “worth it” and why he sent out the post.

Newton’s contract with the Panthers ends after the 2020 season, The Charlotte Observer previously reported.

On Jan. 24, he underwent an arthroscopic scope procedure on his shoulder, the Observer reported.

Social media could only wonder, however, what Newton meant by Tuesday’s post. He included a picture of himself in a black and gray tuke, stylish black coat, gray athletic pants and black sneakers with white shoelaces.

Newton’s adoring fans didn’t seem to care what he meant. Most just wanted him to know how much they love and respect him.

“You are soooo worth it!” Ellen Aycock posted. “I (red heart emoji ) my Quarterback!”

“Definitely, you are a cut above!!” Rita Price McDougald wrote.

Posted Mindy Carlson Bello: “You’re a good man - devoted to your family, team, fans, community! (ain’t nobody perfect; the only perfect man to ever walk this earth was Jesus).”

Adam Gripenstraw found any attempt to interpret Newton’s remark funny: “Watching FB try to translate these posts makes me happy inside.”

Joe Marusak has been a reporter for The Charlotte Observer since 1989 covering the people, municipalities and major news events of the region, and was a news bureau editor for the paper. He currently reports on breaking news.