Carolina Hurricanes

More from 'Mo' on Canes, Jets

Former Canes coach Paul Maurice brings the Winnipeg Jets into PNC Arena on Tuesday, and he's never been at a loss for words.

Here are some more bits and pieces from Maurice -- more from "Mo."

-- on taking over the Jets compared to coming to Carolina for his second stint as Canes coach in December 2008:

"It's quite different. At Carolina, I knew so many people. I knew a lot of the players. I knew the people in management. (With Winnipeg), it was just the opposite. It was new players, new management.

“Going back to the Atlanta days, I saw that team (Thrashers) play a lot. I always though their compete level was high. I thought with the talent level there was great potential there.”

-- on biggest challenge with the Jets.

"Logistics. It's all new coaching a Western Conference team. I had only coached in the East. The travel, setting up practices, it's tough in the West. I have a lot to learn."

-- on the biggest challenge in playing the Canes.

“Speed and pace. When you look back when the Carolina Hurricanes get any kind of rest, two or three days off, they come out with a real quick and real fast performance. Very, very aggressive.”

-- on his year coaching in the KHL.

"Everything is so extreme there. The beauty, the weather, the economy. It also applies to the quality of the hockey. It can be brilliant but at times it can be difficult to comprehend.

"On a professional level, the year there was fantastic. It was one of those things you never think you would do. It was quite an experience."

-- on returning to PNC Arena.

"It will be different. I've been there before (as the Toronto Maple Leafs coach) and it hasn't been that long since I left (in November 2011). But because of the year in Russia is seems like it has been a long time."

-- on the Canes winning the 2006 Stanley Cup, reaching the 2002 Stanley Cup final and going to the Eastern finals in 2009.

“The rub is that in-between there wasn’t a lot of playoff hockey going on. But at the same time maybe that makes that more special. This franchise has always kind of swung for the seats. It makes it painful at times, I guess, but at the same time there have been some really exciting games played in this building.”

-- on his relationship with Canes general manner Jim Rutherford and owner Peter Karmanos.

"I owe them a lot for the opportunity to become a coach at such a young age (28) and all the support I got all the way through. Jim has been like a mentor and such a positive influence on me. Mr. Karmanos gave me the opportunity but also the time to grow and get better."