Carolina Hurricanes

Snag in Staal's contract resolved, Rutherford says

A snag in the wording of Eric Staal's seven-year contract extension has been resolved, Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said today.

Under the terms of the $57.75 million contract, which Staal signed last week, a no-trade clause was to go into effect  July 1, 2010, the date the Canes center is to become an unrestricted free agent. The NHL found issue with that date, Rutherford said.

"It was just the wording of the clause," Rutherford said.

"Eric must accrue so many games and be a certain age before the clause goes into effect."

The new wording of the contract will specify that the no-trade cause will begin when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Staal must play each of the next two seasons for the clause to go into effect in 2010.

"These things happen at different times, but most don't become public," Rutherford said. "We'll get it in writing today. It's not an issue."