Carolina Hurricanes

Ewww!! Siblings chosen for kiss cam at Carolina Hurricanes game. (They didn’t do it.)

Siblings Elizabeth Braswell and Matthew Braswell were hanging out together on Thursday night at the Carolina Hurricanes’ game against the Montreal Canadiens at PNC Arena.

During a break in the action the unthinkable occurred: They were featured on the Canes’ kiss cam.

“Oh my word, I was completely surprised!” said Elizabeth Braswell, a graduate student at N.C. State. “I thought to myself ‘ha, look at all these people’ and then lo and behold I saw myself and I jumped.

“We both simultaneously screamed ‘That’s my brother! That’s my sister!’ and about jumped out of our seats.”

The kiss cam is a feature the Hurricanes use during a timeout. The camera operators search for couples and implore them to kiss. Usually it’s a success, but sometimes the camera operators and directors choose strangers, or gasp, siblings.

“They were together and looked like a couple,” said Chris Greenley, the Hurricanes’ director of CanesVision and in-game marketing. “The camera operators are looking for two people who appear to be a couple. They have to be near the same age. Sometimes they’re a couple or friends and have no problem being on a kiss cam.

“They have no idea they will be on camera beforehand.”

Matthew Braswell, a sophomore at Clemson, said the people sitting behind them tried to help.

“When the people behind us heard that, they helped draw the attention from us by waving their arms in front of us and shaking their heads,” Matthew Braswell said.

Do they have any advice for future kiss cam siblings?

“Make sure you look more alike so you don’t (get chosen),” Elizabeth Braswell said. “And also play it cool, because I’m sure it happens more than you think.”

Greenley couldn’t recall the Canes picking a brother and sister this season, but he said it usually happens a couple times a year. He said sometimes the Canes ponder whether to continue the kiss cam but quickly relent.

“It still provides comedy gold no matter what happens,” Greenley said. “We sometimes get an older couple who surprises us.”

The siblings, who did not kiss on camera, grew up in Asheville but have been longtime Hurricanes fans, going to three or four games a year, according to Matthew Braswell.

He only has one regret.

“If I could go back, I would have given her a solid high-five,” Matthew Braswell said. “That would have been legendary on the kiss cam.”