Luke DeCock

Greenville NCAA floor needs repairs between UNC, Duke games

Television viewers may have noticed a light-colored spot between the 3-point line and lane on the basket to the left of their screens during the Duke game that wasn’t there during the North Carolina game that immediately preceded it.

That was the visible residue of some quick repairs between games, after a board on the NCAA-supplied court at Greenville’s Bon Secours Wellness Arena appeared to warp upward during North Carolina’s win over Texas Southern.

“The officials pointed it out and said there was a bad spot on the left side of the court,” North Carolina guard Nate Britt said. “Coach told us to stay away.”

Between games, while the building was cleared of fans, a crew of six workers, including representatives of Connor Sport Court, which provides the courts to the NCAA, went to work. Using two knives, two power drills, two power sanders, a chisel and a sledgehammer, the crew worked for about 20 minutes to sand down the elevated portion of the board.

Duke and Troy ended up sharing two-thirds of the court to stretch early in warm-ups as work continued. Finally, the board had been sanded down and secured, leaving the visible light spot where the varnish had been removed.

“Once the repairs were made, players from Duke and Troy were given access to the court and each team had 46 minutes to warm up for tonight’s first game in the second session from Greenville,” an NCAA spokesman said in a statement. “The safety of the student-athletes remain our top priority.”

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