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In The Whistleblowers, NCAA tournament talk and John Clougherty’s farewell to retiring ACC referee Tim Nestor.

In the 13th episode of The Whistleblowers, the N&O’s officiating podcast with John Clougherty and Luke DeCock, Clougherty tells talks about Tim Nestor, who is stepping down as an ACC referee to focus on his day job as a tobacco-industry executive. Nestor’s final ACC game was the championship between Virginia and North Carolina; his final NCAA game was UMBC’s upset of Virginia. Clougherty talked about Nestor’s development as an official:

“When I learned that Tim was retiring, I sent him more than a note. I wanted to write, because I had refereed with Tim early in his career and I watched him advance and I thought Tim got better every year. Terrific guy, great family man. Stayed out of all the politics. He just did his good work and I'm glad he was rewarded (with) the final of the ACC. He was deserving.

“Tim has become a great referee and a great character guy, but he got an opportunity for a big promotion with R.J. Reynolds and probably involved more travel, more retirement benefits. He couldn't turn it down. He was one guy that always regarded officiating as an avocation and not a vocation. He had a good job.”

Other topics of conversation in this episode include the ACC tournament, the end of the Xavier-Florida State NCAA tournament game, Ted Valentine and upsets Clougherty refereed.

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