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In The Whistleblowers, reviewing instant replay (but more quickly than the usual review)

In the 15th episode of The Whistleblowers, the N&O’s officiating podcast with John Clougherty and Luke DeCock, Clougherty shares his thoughts on instant replay and where college basketball is headed with it:

“When officials go over to look at those plays, some of those plays are easy, and you pointed out the most difficult one, the tipped ball. The 3 or 2, that one’s easy. Do you have the right free-throw shooter? That easy. Some of of the ones that come down to, did the ball get off in time? That picture is going to help you to determine whether that basket’s good or not good. The tipped ball is so crucial now in the last couple minutes. You called them 50-50 (plays). I have seen a couple that I would have said, “They’re not overturning that’ or ‘They’re going to overturn that’ and they come back and they don’t overturn it because they already made a decision on the floor and there’s not enough evidence, indisputable evidence. ...

“They want to get that play right, so they’re taking time. But it seems like an exorbitant amount of time and it gets to be frustrating, even to the coaches. Now the coaches have their team over there, they’re talking strategy, but it breaks the rhythm of the game. If you go to the monitor far too many times it breaks all the rhythm up.”

Other topics of conversation in this episode include the decision not to advance past Final Four officials like Ted Valentine, John Higgins and Doug Shows, the Villanova machine, the experimental rules used in the NIT and Jeff Capel taking the Pittsburgh job.

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