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Luke DeCock’s AP Top 25 basketball poll ballot: Week 4

There were three teams on nearly every other ballot, until this week, whose anointed status I could never understand: UCLA, TCU and LSU. Only four voters omitted all three teams, and they went a combined 2-5 last week. Meanwhile, Texas Tech is likely to move into the top 25 this week after moving to 6-0 including a win over Nebraska. As of last week, the Red Raiders were only on one ballot. This one.

(Pats self on back.)

(Let’s not talk about Xavier.)

The moral of this disgusting self-aggrandizement is sometimes it’s good to stick to your guns (guns up, in this case) early in the season and not fold to peer pressure, because sometimes, you were right all along. As we get into this part of the year, and more games are played, every team is going to be found out eventually, for better or worse.

As for the top spot, Kansas (after a win over Tennessee) or Gonzaga (after a win over Duke), that’s a tough one. Tough to get past Kansas’ two elite wins (Michigan State, Tennessee) compared to Gonzaga’s more visible one (Duke), everything else being almost equal.


Week 1 (Preseason) Week 2 Week 3


1. Kansas (2)

2. Gonzaga (3)

3. Duke (1)

4. Nevada (5)

5. Virginia (6)

6. Michigan (9)

7. Michigan State (13)

8. Tennessee (7)

9. Auburn (8)

10. North Carolina (4)

11. Kentucky (10)

12. Kansas State (11)

13. Virginia Tech (14)

14. Oregon (17)

15. Texas Tech (18)

16. Buffalo (19)

17. Ohio State (21)

18. Florida State (16)

19. Mississippi State (12)

20. Clemson (15)

21. Furman (22)

22. Purdue (23)

23. Arizona State (NR)

24. Villanova (25)

25. Wisconsin (24)

OUT Washington (20).

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