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Why the N&O

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NAA Quick Fact Sheet

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  • Mass reach.
  • In print and online, The News & Observer, our nine community newspapers and its Web sites reach over 1 million adults weekly.*

  • Actively used advertising source.
  • Advertisers in most other media must first try to attract the audience’s attention, and then try to persuade them to become interested in a product or store. The News & Observer has a built-in ad-reading audience of qualified prospects. To see how many people use The N&O over other media as an advertising source, click


    . **

  • Growth.
  • The N&O has more Sunday readers than ever in the Greater Triangle.*

  • Demographics.
  • The N&O reaches the most desirable audiences. Any advertising medium has the potential to attract customers who will buy products below a retailer’s cost, but because newspaper readers have greater spending power and higher socio-economic characteristics, they generate more profit for retailers than other media. For example, the average annual household income among daily N&O readers in the Greater Triangle is $77,532 - that’s $11,000 higher than the market median! Furthermore, 81% have attended college, 85% of employed adults work in white collar jobs, 34% have children in the household and 86% own their home.*

  • Respected.
  • Because it has been the hometown newspaper for more than 100 years, area residents naturally trust The N&O's advertising. The N&O is also respected among its peers, consistently recognized as an excellent newspaper. Awards won by the newspaper include the Pulitzer Prize gold medal for public service in 1996 and Pulitzers awarded for criticism (1989) and commentary (1983). In recent years, The News & Observer has been recognized for its efforts in investigative reporting. A summary of our most recent awards can be found



  • Value.
  • The N&O provides the most value for your advertising dollar. Our strong reach drives your cost-per-audience down. For example, $2,000 spent in the Sunday N&O delivers 460,300 adult readers in the Greater Triangle, which is a cost-per-thousand of only $4.34. Using average half-hour audiences from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m., that is comparable to 10 commercials purchased for $200 each on the top-rated local network TV station where the cost-per-thousand would be $7.91. And, if 20 commercials purchased for $100 each were bought on the top-rated local radio station, using average quarter-hour audiences from 6 a.m. to midnight, the cost per thousand would be $26.99.

  • Solutions.
  • The News & Observer offers a vast range of products to showcase your message, from preprints and Ad Notes, to online and direct marketing. We can reach the entire market or a specific target demographic. Check out our products



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