Luke DeCock

Luke DeCock

Florida State’s struggles leave an ACC vacancy N.C. State can fill

The arrival of this bumbling, stumbling Florida State operation wasn’t merely exactly what N.C. State needed to get back on track after two losses that were each excruciating for different reasons. It was also a reminder that the position as perennial second-best program in the Atlantic Division remains an open vacancy, one the Wolfpack is as qualified as anyone to fill.


Hurricanes still lacking a Plan B

The Hurricanes are immensely improved over last season, playing a more central game, getting to the net – Micheal Ferland was exactly what this team needed – and creating better chances. But they still lack that little something extra to get them over the top on nights when that isn’t working.

Sports columnist Luke DeCock is not going anywhere

DeCock believes there is no better place in the world to be a sports columnist than the Triangle.