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General office hours

Monday through Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Contact numbers

Advertising (919) 836-5600 or (800) 736-2602 Fax: (919) 836-5689


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Sara Glines President/Publisher (919) 829-4659
Robyn Tomlin Executive Editor/Regional Editor - Carolinas (919) 829-4806
John Drescher Opinions and Solutions Editor (919) 829-4515
Annie Alexander Vice President, Strategic Sales & Partnerships (919) 836-5680
Jim Puryear Vice President of Audience Development (919) 829-4727
Kelli Estes Regional HR Business Partner (919) 829-4853
Caroline Willingham Vice President of Finance (919) 829-4849


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Vice President, Strategic Sales & Partnerships Annie Alexander
(919) 836-5680
GM/Advertising Vice President of The Herald Sun, Durham Doug Rogers
(919) 836-5658
Chief Creative Director of Brand Strategy Del Scheitler
(919) 836-5737
Advertising Director
Magazine & Events
Denise Walker
(919) 836-5660
Key Strategic Sales Manager Jeff Knight
(919) 836-5614
Partnership Accounts Manager Kaki Berkeley
(919) 836-5997
Advertising Sales Manager
Inside Retail Sales &
Mark Alston
(919) 836-5630
Channel Sales Manager Eric Didawick
(919) 836-5601
Client Success Manager
Digital Fulfillment/PreMedia
Dustin Mooney
(919) 829-4518
Preprint Coordinator Jennifer Trainer
(919) 836-5656
Collections & Credit Manager Debbie Mahaffey
(919) 829-4681, (800) 849-1948

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To handle basic subscription transactions including starting delivery, temporarily stopping delivery or reporting a delivery problem please visit our easy-to-use site below.

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Single Copy Sales

Single copy is the distribution and sales of The News & Observer at vending rack and in-store locations. The News & Observer single copy buyers differ from home delivery subscribers in that they make the decision to purchase a newspaper on a daily basis.

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News in Education

The News in Education program is a cooperative effort of newspapers and thousands of schools in the U.S., Canada and other nations where the newspapers is used as a tool of instruction. Publishers provide copies of their newspapers to schools, sponsor teacher education programs, offer instructional resource materials and generally help schools develop newspaper use for student learning.

News in Education

Business Center

Welcome to The News & Observer business center! Here you will find information on our popular bulk newspaper deliveries, special event sponsorships, and our Hotel Delivery Program. Also, customized programs can be tailored to suit your business needs, so contact your N&O rep today.

Plan B for Business
Advantage Newspaper Sponsorship Program
Hotel Program

News & Observer Rewards

The News & Observer Rewards program is designed to thank and reward all News & Observer readers with prizes such as gift cards, movie tickets, electronics, exclusive discounts and more!

News & Observer Rewards

Phone: 919-829-4725
Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 3 PM

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For any issue that cannot be handled in the Online Subscriber Services Center, you may contact N&O Circulation customer service directly.




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Newsroom Administration

Name Title Work Phone
Robyn Tomlin Executive Editor/Regional Editor - Carolinas (919) 829-4806
Dan Barkin Managing Editor/Investigations (919) 829-4562
Susan Spring Director of Newsroom Operations (919) 829-4860
Cindy Hinkle Sponsorship Coordinator and Marketing Assistant (919) 829-4844


Name Title Work Phone
Thad Ogburn Metro editor (919) 829-8987
Brooke Cain TV/Media reporter (919) 829-4579
Thomasi McDonald Crime (919) 829-4533
Josh Shaffer Odd news reporter (919) 829-4818
Sarah Nagem Assistant metro/Collegetown editor (919) 829-4635
Scott Bolejack Wake County schools (919) 829-4629
Anna Johnson Wake watchdog reporter (919) 829-4807
T. Keung Hui N.C. public school reporter (919) 829-4534
Jane Stancill Higher Education reporter (919) 829-4559
Martha Quillin Faith and society reporter (919) 829-8989

State Government

Name Title Work Phone
Jordan Schrader State politics editor (919) 829-4840
Anne Blythe Public safety/legal issues reporter (919) 836-4948
Lynn Bonner Social services reporter (919) 829-4821
Rob Christensen Columnist (919) 829-4532
Will Doran State workers reporter (919) 836-2858
Paul A. Specht PolitiFact reporter (919) 829-4870

Triangle Growth

Name Title Work Phone
Mary Cornatzer Growth editor (919) 829-4755
Max Diamond Workers and the economy (919) 829-4877
Craig Jarvis Real estate/retail reporter (919) 829-4576
John Murawski Wellness/health care reporter (919) 829-8932
Richard Stradling Transportation reporter (919) 829-4739

Real-time news

Name Title Work Phone
Eric Frederick Real-time/breaking news editor (919) 829-8956
Abbie Bennett Breaking news reporter (919) 836-5768
Ron Gallagher Early morning breaking news reporter (919) 829-4572
Camila Molina Breaking news reporter (919) 829-4538
Aaron Moody Breaking news reporter (919) 829-4528
Taylor Shaw Social media editor (919) 829-4669
Bob Brueckner Day editor (919) 836-2886
Andrew Roman Night editor (919) 829-4812


Name Title Work Phone
Jessica Banov Culture editor (919) 829-4831
Drew Jackson Eating/dining reporter (919) 829-4831
David Menconi Business of culture reporter (919) 829-4759
Martha Quillin Faith and society reporter (919) 829-8989
Mike Williams ArtsNow & editor (919) 836-4973


Name Title Work Phone
Dan Kane Investigations (919) 829-4861
David Raynor Investigations (919) 829-4798


Name Title Work Phone
Steve Ruinsky Sports editor (919) 829-4530
Jessaca Giglio Assistant sports editor (919) 829-4649
Chip Alexander Carolina Hurricanes reporter (919) 829-8945
Jonathan Alexander Duke sports reporter (919) 829-4822
J. Mike Blake High school sports reporter (919) 829-8910
Luke DeCock Columnist (919) 829-8947
J.P. Giglio UNC sports reporter (919) 829-8938
Sam Newkirk UNC sports reporter (919) 829-4526
Jonas Pope NCCU/recruiting reporter (919) 419-6501
Steve Wiseman NCSU sports reporter (919) 768-3933


Name Title Work Phone
Scott Sharpe Multimedia editor (919) 836-4927
John Hansen Assistant editor (919) 812-7343
Ethan Hyman Photojournalist (919) 812-7579
Kevin Keister Video producer (919) 561-2264
Juli Leonard Photojournalist (919) 812-7378
Chuck Liddy Photojournalist (919) 812-7311
Travis Long Photojournalist (919) 812-7564
Chris Seward Photojournalist (919) 812-7307
Julia Wall Photojournalist (910) 547-5556
Robert Willett Photojournalist (919) 812-7511


Name Title Work Phone
John Drescher Opinions and solutions editor (919) 829-4513
Ned Barnett Assistant opinions and solutions editor (919) 829-4512
Allison Kittinger Editorial assistant (919) 836-2844