DC Curry is waiting for the call for another ‘Friday’ flick. Until then, find him on the standup circuit.

Don “DC” Curry appears Friday through Sunday at Goodnights in Raleigh.
Don “DC” Curry appears Friday through Sunday at Goodnights in Raleigh. Universal Attractions Inc.

Don “DC” Curry and John Witherspoon are the unsung heroes of “Friday” movies, the Ice Cube comedy films that date back to 1995.

“Me and John have had a ball in those films,” Curry says while calling from his Los Angeles home. “Ice Cube, who is the greatest guy in the world, has to deal with us old guys. We’ve proven that the old guys have it. You can’t argue with that.”

The old guys might have some more work to do with the “Friday” series. Witherspoon has said the crew is expected to reunite for the fourth installment, “Last Friday” and Ice Cube has more or less confirmed it.

“That’s the word,” Curry says. “I hope this is all concrete because they need to do it before John and I die. We have to get moving. We all don’t live forever. Plus, John and I have so much energy and we’ll drop what we’re doing to get back to working on a film series that we’re passionate about. I’ve done other things, but there’s nothing like the ‘Friday’ series.”

Curry, 56, also has appeared in TV’s “Grace Under Fire” and “The Boondocks.”

“I’ve had such a good time with those shows,” Curry says. “I particularly enjoyed working with (‘Grace Under Fire’ star Brett Butler). She’s fiery and so funny. There is no one quite like her. I love her and Ice Cube. Hanging with him is cool, since he has a full-blown basketball court at his house. It’s been fascinating in Hollywood getting to experience so much unusual stuff.”

The charismatic Curry will detail what it’s like living in Hollywood as well as other personal anecdotes when he performs this weekend at Goodnights in Raleigh. Shows are scheduled Jan. 5 through 7.

Curry is adept at working a crowd.

“I love being up there having to think on my feet,” Curry says. “I love having the prepared material, but there’s nothing like making the crowd laugh while it’s happening right there in the moment. The magic happens when you make something up out of the ether.”

And today’s current events give him plenty to talk about.

“It’s impossible not to talk about Donald Trump,” he said. “Every day he does or says something that’s outrageous. When you look back at some of the things he’s said this year, I almost feel that I have to tone it down so it will be believable.”

“How can I pass on talking about this stuff? he said. “Truth really is stranger than fiction.”

Curry will be busy in 2018 delivering comedy in clubs throughout the country, but he’ll change plans if production commences for a “Friday” film and he’s called to reprise his role of Uncle Elroy.

“It’ll be fun if that happens,” Curry says. “The cool thing is that we all have such great chemistry. It doesn’t feel like we’re working. It feels like we’re hanging out. Hopefully there will be another ‘Friday’ movie. If not, I have plenty of work as a stand-up. I love it. I get to do my thing. There’s no gatekeepers. This is my passion. You’ll get no complaints from me.”


Who: Don “DC” Curry

When: 7:30 and 10 p.m. Jan. 5 and 6; 7 p.m. Jan. 7

Where: Goodnights, 861 W. Morgan St., Raleigh

Tickets: $22 and $30 Friday and Sunday and $25 and $33 Saturday.

Info: 919-828-5233 or goodnightscomedy.com