Breaking news interrupts ‘stuffed dog drama’: What you missed on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Jordan (in the red suit) throws a stuffed dog (Jenna’s birthday present from David) into the ocean. Jenna and David are seen in the bottom right frame.
Jordan (in the red suit) throws a stuffed dog (Jenna’s birthday present from David) into the ocean. Jenna and David are seen in the bottom right frame. ABC screenshots

Monday night’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” had a couple of significant developments, the first one being the resolution of the “will he-won’t he” Colton & Tia saga. But the issue of most interest to local viewers — the gifting of a giant stuffed dog to Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper, which turned into a huge drama — got preempted for a bit by an ABC11 breaking news alert about the toppling of UNC’s Silent Sam statue.

We know a reality show is not important in the scheme of things, but that has never stopped us before. So here’s what we missed.

First a little background.

Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper, a contestant on Season 22 of “The Bachelor” (the Arie season), showed up on “Bachelor in Paradise” last week and immediately caught the eye of Jordan. The two seemed really into each other, complimenting each other’s good looks and making out on the beach. Everything was fine until David — Jordan’s nemesis from their season together on “The Bacehlorette” (the Becca season) — gave Jenna some birthday cake. It really got under Jordan’s skin, as was intended.

Fast forward to Monday night when David, sensing an opportunity to aggravate Jordan even more, gave Jenna a birthday gift: a gigantic stuffed dog. Jordan took the bait, acting like a Grade A Jerk.

Here’s what we saw

When we were returned to “Bachelor in Paradise” from the breaking news alert, Jordan was throwing a giant stuffed dog into the ocean. We soon learned it was a gift from David. Jordan then stomped around and screamed at everyone and was really mean, especially to a couple of the women who were laughing at him. He pretended not to know the name of one woman (he totally did) and said the other “stinks.” When he verbally attacked them (and let’s be clear — he was awful) even Crystal (Arie season) said “The line has been crossed. Crossed.” Chelsea called his behavior a “red flag.” CORRECT.

Jenna was taken aback by his behavior (best described as “obnoxious toddler pitching a fit”) and walked away from him. She later told Annaliese, “If something just flows out that easy I guarantee it’s not the first time it’s happened. I don’t talk to anybody like that, it’s very, very disrespectful … the good feelings do not outweigh the fits.”

After a couple of people told Jordan what a jerk he was being (he argued that his behavior was justified), he reluctantly apologized to the group.

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Here’s what we didn’t see

David was talking about how sweet Jenna is, and how celebrating her birthday gave him a lot of joy. “A sweet girl deserves a sweet toy,” he said. David made her close her eyes and he presented her with the gigantic stuffed dog. (Then we get a flashback to when Jordan gave Annaliese a giant stuffed dog at the beginning of the season — back before Jenna arrived and when Jordan thought he liked Annaliese. In other words, well played, David.)

Jenna seemed to like the dog, laughing when she saw it. She named it Brownie. “I appreciate the gesture,” Jenna said. Then Jordan walked over from out of the shadows and without saying a word, snatched the dog from Jenna’s arms and dragged it to the ocean. He pauses to pretend to strangle it, then throws it into the water. So it’s really kind of worse than we imagined.

When we see Jenna, she’s visibly angry and shaking her head.

All of this childish behavior is made even more laughable by the fact that Jordan was wearing a ridiculous red and white floral pants and vest (no shirt) outfit during the whole thing.

If you want to watch it yourself, go to the ABC site — but you’ll need your cable / satellite TV ID and password to get in.

Jenna Cooper on the Jan. 15 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC. Paul Hebert ABC

Did Jenna forgive Jordan?

Eventually, yes. And she accepted his rose at the end of the night, so she’ll be back on tonight’s episode (8 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 21 on ABC/WTVD). But we’re proud of her letting him know she was turned off by his actions. He needs to get his act straight if he’s going to be with our Raleigh girl.

What’s coming up tonight

Apparently Jordan’s awful behavior put a small crack in his relationship with Jenna, because previews show a new man arriving on the island, and Jenna is kissing him. It’s the French Canadian stud Benoit Beausejour-Savard from “The Bachelorette: Canada.” Stay tuned for more hissy fits (8 p.m. on ABC/WTVD).

Raleigh's Jenna Cooper talks about life on ABC's "The Bachelor" in February 2018.

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