What to Watch on Sunday: HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects’ comes to an end

Amy Adams in the HBO series “Sharp Objects.”
Amy Adams in the HBO series “Sharp Objects.” HBO

Sharp Objects (9 p.m., HBO) - In the finale, Camille (Amy Adams) is concerned for Amma’s safety and puts her own life in jeopardy as she gets closer to the truth about the murders in Wind Gap. Current reports are that there will be no second season (it was always planned as a limited series and Amy Adams isn’t interested in doing more).

Worst Cooks in America (9 p.m., Food) - The remaining cooks — including NC’s Janese Henry — must create their own chicken dinner with pan sauces, and then tackle fried chicken and cornbread. You got this, Janese.

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (9 p.m., National Geographic) - The success of the fishermen on the Northern boats continues to frustrate the Southern fishermen.

Preacher (10 p.m., AMC) - In the Season 3 finale, Jesse returns home for what he hopes is the last time, but he angers Starr and endangers Cassidy in the process.

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