What to Watch on Tuesday: Checking in on Jenna and Jordan in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale

Jordan and Jenna in ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise.”
Jordan and Jenna in ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” ABC

Bachelor in Paradise (8 p.m., ABC) - The couples spend their last bit of time in their Mexican paradise, and then the cast reunites to discuss the drama of the season and give relationship status updates. Are Jenna and Jordan still together!?!? Are there happy endings? (Also, thank goodness we’re getting this out of the way before Hurricane Florence moves through!)

Left Behind America (10 p.m., PBS / UNC-TV) - Frontline looks at the economic and social forces shaping Dayton, Ohio, a city now struggling to recover in the post-recession economy.

Flipping Out (10 p.m., Bravo) - In the Season 11 premiere, we see there have been many additions to the team. Jeff is relying heavily on his new assistant, Tyler, and when Jenni returns from maternity leave, Jeff isn’t sure where she fits in.