Trouble in ‘Paradise’: ‘Bachelor’ stars Jenna and Jordan have broken up

Jordan and Jenna in ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise.”
Jordan and Jenna in ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” ABC

Remember Tuesday night when we were basking in the glow of young love on the “Bachelor in Paradise” finale? That seems so long ago.

In Tuesday’s season ender, Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper became engaged to Jordan Kimball, who said he had fallen for Jenna at first sight. The two professed their love for each other and then Jordan got down on one knee and made it official. Later in the show, during a cast reunion, the couple even set a date and asked the show’s host Chris Harrison to officiate their wedding.

By the next morning, it had all fallen apart.

Websites were reporting that professional “Bachelor” spoiler Reality Steve disclosed that Jenna, who owns a marketing company in Raleigh, had a relationship with another man the whole time she was on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Reality Steve’s bombshell included copies of texts from the man with whom Jenna was allegedly having a relationship (Reality Steve allows that man’s identity to remain anonymous).

Various outlets also reported that Jordan had just been told of these developments on Tuesday night (the cast reunion was taped Aug. 28) and that he was shaken by the news.

Jenna denied the allegations in a statement to People magazine.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jenna posted on her public Facebook page that the story was not true and that the texts were “completely fabricated.” She added: “I did not cheat on Jordan, and I have nothing to hide.” She also mentioned that she has an attorney: “I have an attorney helping me investigate this hurtful and fraudulent attack on my character. We are evaluating all legal remedies available to punish those responsible.”

Also Wednesday afternoon, Entertainment Weekly reported that Jenna and Jordan had officially broken up.

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As EW pointed out, Jordan said he made the decision to end the relationship even though he doesn’t know whether the allegations against Jenna are “fake” or not: “I just can’t wait and hold on to see if this is fake. I allowed myself to be played, but I will not allow myself to be fooled by this. If this turns out to be fake, then hey, it’s a good thing that I didn’t lash out at her. But I cannot take a chance with my heart.”

Raleigh's Jenna Cooper talks about life on ABC's "The Bachelor" in February 2018.

On his website, Reality Steve says the texts he has have been authenticated, but he never identifies the man making the allegations against Jenna.

What do you think? Did Jenna trick Jordan? Is Jordan pulling the plug too quickly?