What to Watch on Friday: ABC’s ‘Jonestown’ doc, and ‘Cool Kids’ debuts on Fox

(L-R): Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier and Martin Mull in the Fox series “The Cool Kids.”
(L-R): Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier and Martin Mull in the Fox series “The Cool Kids.” FOX

The new fall season started this week. We’ll try to get all of the new show premieres and season premieres in What to Watch over the coming weeks. Check out our full 2018 Fall TV Preview.

The Cool Kids (8:30 p.m., Fox) - This new sitcom follows David Alan Grier, Martin Mull, Leslie Jordan and Vicki Lawrence as residents of a retirement home. In the pilot, the men are struggling with saying goodbye to a friend who has died, and trying to decide who should fill his empty chair at their “cool kids” table. Before they can decide, Lawrence pushes her way into the group against Grier’s wishes. It’s nice to see these (dare I say) TV legends at work, and the jokes aren’t all as corny as you might fear. But I personally have a weak spot for Jordan so my judgment here is suspect.

Also on tonight . . .

Truth & Lies: Jonestown, Paradise Lost (8 p.m., ABC) - A documentary on the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre, the largest murder-suicide in American history. On November 18, 1978, more than 900 members of the Peoples Temple consumed poisoned Flavor-Aid (a Kool-Aid type drink) on the order of their leader, Jim Jones, in Guyana. The documentary includes interviews with Jones’ two surviving sons, Jim Jones, Jr. and Stephan Jones, and former members of the cult. It includes rare video, audiotapes and FBI documents (declassified in just the past decade), diaries and letters from those who died in the murder-suicide, and archival footage.

Last Man Standing (8 p.m., Fox) - This Tim Allen show aired for six seasons on ABC before being canceled last year (ABC,which didn’t own the show, cited high production costs) and picked up by Fox. Same show on a new home!

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MacGyver (8 p.m., CBS) - In the Season 3 premiere, Mac puts aside his differences with his father and returns home when he hears Jack is the target of a murderous dictator.

Hawaii Five-0 (9 P.M., CBS) - After his CIA agent friend is killed, MacGarrett lets himself be captured by the group he thinks is responsible in the Season 9 premiere.

Hell’s Kitchen (9 p.m., Fox) - Eight previous contestants return to the show to battle eight ambitious rookies in the season premiere. Tonight, the rookies create their signature dishes and the veterans must attempt the same dish.

Blue Bloods (10 p.m., CBS) - In the Season 9 opener, Danny takes a case involving a drug cartel member who he thinks torched his home.

Chef’s Table (Netflix) - Season 5 of this series exploring the top chefs across the world will feature Cristina Martinez of south Philly; Albert Adria of Spain; Musa Dağdeviren of Turkey; and Bo Songvisava of Bangkok.

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