What to Watch on Wednesday: New season of ‘Mrs. Maisel’ and Smithsonian on the Mississippi

Amazon Studios

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime) - Amazon releases the second season of the Emmy-winning series (eight awards!). The new season starts off with Midge, her parents and Joel on a trip to Paris, but it’s back to New York after that, with more of a focus on how they are all trying to build new lives.

America’s Mississippi (8 p.m., Smithsonian) - This new 3-part series looks at the Mississippi River, an iconic body of water that both supports and challenges humans and animals. The series will travel the 2,300 miles of the river, which draws water from 31 states along the way. The premiere episode begins at the river’s source: Lake Itasca. Aerial photography tracks the river as it weaves through the Minnesota wilderness. We see a family of beavers preparing for winter and gray wolves scavenging the season’s victims. Other installments air on Dec. 12 and 19.

Empire (8 p.m., Fox) - The financial security of the Lyon family is on the line as their LFM showcase approaches. Meanwhile, Kai uncovers some dirty activity within Empire.

Chicago Fire (9 p.m., NBC) - Firehouse 51 responds to a massive freeway accident that impacts someone close to them.