Move over, Jay Leno. Comic Alonzo Bodden’s collection of rides is growing.

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Alonzo Bodden will fly into Raleigh for a weekend of performances at Goodnight’s Comedy Club. But his preferred mode of transportation is by automobile or motorcycle.

Bowden, 56, has one of the more impressive collections of rides, much like his pal and fellow stand-up Jay Leno.

“But what I have is on a much smaller level than what Jay has,” Bodden says while calling from his Los Angeles home. “I’ve always been into cars.”

He is set to perform five shows Dec. 28-31. Bodden, the Season 3 winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” keeps busy as a regular panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait ... Don’t Tell Me! and host of the weekly podcast, Who’s Paying Attention?. He also has released a new comedy CD, “Man Overboard.”

Before his weekend in Raleigh, we talked to Bodden about his 10 thoughts on rides.

1. His current set of wheels: “I’m loving my Ford Raptor pickup truck. It’s a giant hot rod. What is so surprising is how comfortable the car is. I knew it would be fast but it handles very well. It has lousy gas mileage but what do you expect?”

2. Current bike: “It’s a BMW GS. It handles better than any motorcycle I’ve had and it’s perfect for LA with how difficult it is to drive and potholes.”

3. Favorite bike of all time: “The Indian Chieftain. It’s a big bagger motorcycle. What I love about it is that it’s a beautiful motorcycle. The paint is beautiful. It’s a marble red paint job. It’s my first motorcycle with a stereo.”

4. Favorite car of all time: “I had an ‘88 turbo Porsche. It was the greatest car I ever had. It was brutally fast. It was classically beautiful, instantly recognizable. Nothing drives like a Porsche. I’ve driven Ferraris, Lamborghinis, but nothing feels like a Porsche. You can you really feel the road.”

5. Biggest car regret: “I wish I didn’t sell the ‘88 turbo Porsche. That car is worth five times as much as I sold it for.”

6. Jay Leno’s advice on cars: “Jay says never to sell a car. He won’t sell any of his cars since their value might rise dramatically. That’s fine if you’re Jay Leno. That first $300 million you make, like Jay did, makes life a lot easier.”

Bodden appeared on Leno’s CNBC series, “Leno’s Garage” in 2017 and admires him as a person and as a car enthusiast.

“Jay is the most ordinary superstar you’ll ever meet. If you met him on the street and you didn’t know who he was, you would never guess he’s on the upper echelon as an entertainer. What I’ve said about Jay is that if he didn’t have his car show, that I’ve been on, he would still have everything that you see on the show.

7: Bodden’s car advice: “Don’t buy a car as an investment. Buy a car because you like to drive it.”

8. What car Bodden would select if he appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars: “First off, I would love to do that show. But I don’t know Jerry Seinfeld. I’m an LA comic. He’s a New York guy. The people he has on the show are really famous or he’s friends with them. Please let him know I’m available to do the show. If I did the show, I would like to drive something funny like an AMC Pacer. I would ask Jerry why anyone would design a car that looks like a giant fishbowl.”

9. The worst car ever designed: “I don’t know what I would select but I will say 6 of the 10 worst car designs are by AMC.”

10. The car Bodden has aged out of: “That would be the corvette. Once you reach a certain point in life, you look kind of creepy behind the wheel of the Corvette.”


Who: Alonzo Bodden

When: 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Dec. 28 and 29. 7:30 p.m. Dec. 30.

Where: Goodnights Comedy Club, 861 W. Morgan St., Raleigh

Tickets: $20-$23 General Admission, $28-$34 Reserved

Info: 919-828-5233 or goodnightscomedy.com

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