What to Watch on Tuesday: NBC tugs at the heart again with ‘The Village’

Frankie Faison, left, as Ron and Lorraine Toussaint as Patricia in NBC’s “The Village.”
Frankie Faison, left, as Ron and Lorraine Toussaint as Patricia in NBC’s “The Village.” NBC Universal

The Village (10 p.m., NBC) - Following “This Is Us” on the schedule (and taking over its 9 p.m. time slot on April 9), it’s another tug-at-your-heartstrings drama. This one follows a group of people living in an apartment building in Brooklyn: Sarah, a single mom and nurse raising a teenage daughter; Gabe, a young law student whose grandfather unexpectedly becomes his roommate; Ava, trying to keep her U.S.-born son safe when ICE comes after her; Nick, an injured veteran returning from war; Ben, a New York City police officer; and building managers Ron and Patricia, who hold everyone together while dealing with problems of their own. Dominic Chianese (“Sopranos”) as Pops and Lorraine Toussaint (“Orange is the New Black”) as Patricia are especially good here. And yes, “This Is Us” fans, you may cry.

The Trial of Ratko Mladic (9 p.m., PBS) - This Frontline documentary examines the war crimes trial of one of the most infamous figures from the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, using access to both prosecution and defense teams. The documentary, produced by Henry Singer, offers firsthand accounts from victims of General Mladic as well as his family members and members of the community, who continue to defend him.

Mental Samurai (9 p.m., Fox) - A new quiz show hosted by Rob Lowe.

Mysteries of the Abandoned (9 p.m., Science) - The season premiere looks at forgotten ghost towns with stories to tell, including a village in Argentina where vacationers once flocked for the therapeutic waters of its lake; a town in Thurmond, West Virginia, prosperous during the height of coal mining but now empty; and Bodie, California, a dangerous town built on the greed of the gold rush that looks straight out of HBO’s “Westworld.”

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