What to Watch on Saturday: New Hallmark movie for the happy, new Manson doc for the dark

Bethany Joy Lenz, left, and Andrew Walker in the Hallmark Spring Fever movie “Bottled with Love.”
Bethany Joy Lenz, left, and Andrew Walker in the Hallmark Spring Fever movie “Bottled with Love.” Crown Media

Bottled with Love (8 p.m., Hallmark) - This week’s Spring Fever movie is what happens when “Message in a Bottle” meets “Shop Around the Corner” (or “You’ve Got Mail” for the slightly younger set). It’s about a career-focused executive from Boston who pours out her heart and her wishes for love in a letter she seals into a bottle and tosses into the Boston Harbor. The letter is later found by the handsome son of a CEO whose company is doing battle with the executive. The son is intrigued by the letter and emails the writer, even though he doesn’t know her true identity. They fall in love through their correspondences, all while working as adversaries in the real world. It stars Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew Walker.

Charles Manson: The Funeral (8 p.m., Reelz) - This two-hour true crime documentary tells the story of Charles Manson’s grandson Jason Freeman’s fight to control the cult leader’s body and funeral following his death in 2017. When Manson died, his longtime pen pal Michael Channels also claimed the body — and Manson had left Channels everything in his will — which sent everything to court. This special focuses on Freeman as he grapples with his grandfather’s heinous legacy and the weight of the Manson name. It includes footage of the funeral service and what happens when Freeman crosses paths with Manson supporters who want to add their own disturbing touch to his memory. Former Manson Family member Dianne Lake gives Freeman insight into what life was like at Mason’s Spahn Ranch.

The Resurgence: DeMarcus Cousins (8 p.m., Showime) - A feature-length documentary chronicling the Golden State Warriors’ basketball star and his comeback from a career-threatening injury and his path through free agency. Director Mitchell Hooper got unfettered access to Cousins for the film, which features interviews with teammates, coaches and NBA insiders.

Saturday Night Live (11:30 p.m., NBC) - Emma Stone hosts and BTS performs.

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