Trending Now: Peace for a day? #WeStandWithWDBJ

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Heine (Twitter: @Chris_Heine) - ADWEEK

On social media

In a surprising move, Facebook and Twitter moved quickly to stop video sharing so the sensitive and disturbing videos of the senseless murder of #WDBJ reporter Allison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward were not widely shared. The alleged gunman posted twitter messages and video on facebook.

Those accounts were quickly suspended – good job social media executives. Adweek explored the monitoring system successes in the wake of this tragedy nando.com/21h.

The hashtag #WeStandWithWDBJ began trending as journalists took to twitter in support of the families, friends and the CBS affiliate who had to remain professional as they reported on a very traumatic and devastating event nando.com/21i.

#McWhopper peace for a day?

On a day of incredible sadness as details of the #WDBJ shooting in Virginia unfolded before our eyes, the #McWhopper full page newspaper ads were a bright spot on social media. Fast food giant Burger King ran full page ads calling for a truce to the burger wars they have engaged in with industry leader McDonald’s. In true UN peace keeping fashion, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook’s response was classic, “P.S. A simple phone call will do next time.” Read the whole story here: nando.com/21g.

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