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Gibson Brothers succeed with thoughtful, personal album

“In the Ground” by The Gibson Brothers.
“In the Ground” by The Gibson Brothers.

Bluegrass music calls to mind images of hardscrabble, mule-and-plow farms of the southern states. Eric and Leigh Gibson, however, were raised on a dairy farm near the border of New York and Canada. Their music is no less bluegrass, but their Yankee upbringing has informed their perspectives, sound and style.

“In the Ground” presents 13 original Gibson Brothers songs in arguably their most intimate, fully realized album to date. Themes of family, home and the road resonate with wisdom received and earned.

“Remember Who You Are,” a father’s counsel to a son leaving home, warns against perils of success: “Some will tell you everything you wanna hear/Some will make you question all that you hold dear.”

The brothers blend their close sibling harmonies on “Fool’s Hill,” their grandmother’s metaphor for misguided choices of youth: “Fool’s Hill, Fool’s Hill/Some won’t make it but most will/When you’re young and you have time to kill/You take a ride up on Fool’s Hill.”

“Friend of Mine” celebrates the unwavering bond between the singer and his guitar – and his traveling band mate. The brothers celebrate their gospel roots with the joyous “I Found a Church Today.”

The album closes with the title track, an observation and lament on the disappearance of the family farm. This, too, is grounded in the Gibson Brothers’ experience of watching their family farm fall victim to economic realities.

Personal, thoughtful and honest, “In the Ground” is a strong contender to add to the Gibson Brothers’ honors and awards as one of the most compelling acts in contemporary bluegrass.


“In the Ground”

By The Gibson Brothers

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