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Durham’s G2B Restaurant and Brewery will close April 2

G2B Restaurant and Brewery announced yesterday through a press release that they will be closing on April 2nd.

The Durham restaurant has been open for five years and recently added a nano-brewery. G2B is owned by brothers Dan and Gad Cotter; the pair also own Chapel Hill’s One Restaurant, which announced over the weekend that it would be closing on April 2nd as well.

Executive Chef Travis Robinson said he’ll miss his staff the most. “They’ve been great since I started,” he said. “We’ve spent so much time together trying to make G2B into a unique restaurant. I feel most for them that we were not more successful.”

The restaurant has been hampered almost since its opening with complaints about its location. Tucked in the back of a nondescript office building off Shannon Road near Hope Valley, it is not visible from the street. Nonetheless, G2B managed to stay open longer than its predecessor in the same space, Starlu.

General Manager Katie Beverly lamented the location. “We tried to make sure all guests had a great experience from the moment they entered the restaurant, and unfortunately the location was something we could not overcome.”

The Cotter brothers could not be reached for comment and it is not yet known if there are plans to replace G2B.

G2B hopes to welcome many of their regular customers in the days before they close.

“Many of our regulars are more like family,” Beverly said. “It is a sad time for all of us and our guests who have named this place home, but we are confident we will continue to do what we love and feed our community going forward,” Robinson said in the press release.

G2B Restaurant and Brewery is located at 3211 Shannon Road in Durham. Reservations will be accepted through Saturday, April 2nd.

Matt Lardie is a Durham-based food and travel writer. He writes the Eat Write Go blog: Reach him at