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Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper put the ‘pee’ in ‘perky’ on ‘The Bachelor’ this week

Jenna Cooper on the Jan. 15 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC.
Jenna Cooper on the Jan. 15 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC. ABC

Jenna Cooper may not dominate the story lines on “The Bachelor” each week, but she sure knows how to make the most of her moments.

Last week, Raleigh’s perky 26-year-old social media manager (drunkenly?) “mounted” Arie Luyendyk during a makeout session at the rose ceremony. This week, Jenna proudly announced that she would “drink her pee for Arie.” And she got a rose.

Here’s what happened.

Twelve of the 15 remaining bachelorettes went on a group date with Arie – a survivalist hike during an outing to Lake Tahoe. The women were to be taught survivalist techniques, such as eating worms for nourishment and drinking one’s own pee to stay hydrated. Everyone was given a canteen and instructed to fill it. Arie went first, drinking from the bottle and then spitting it out. Another woman, determined to impress Arie, said she’d go next – but right before taking a sip, Arie stopped her and said it was all a joke. She did not look amused.

During all of this, we were shown various reactions from the women. Some worked to steel their nerves for the challenge, others claimed this was beneath them. Jenna? Jenna cheerily announced “I would drink my pee for Arie.”

Yes, Twitter noticed.

And they love her.

Later, Jenna played with some rocks. She picked them up, then put them back down. It was magic.

And all of these tweets – plus some not very nice ones – all retweeted by Jenna (@jennacooperfit), who seems to have a great sense of humor about all of this. She even tweeted a photo of herself squatting beside a urinal drinking ... a margarita, we hope ... out of a plastic cup.

In the end, I think @Trumbelina speaks for all of us.

What else happened?

You need more???

▪ OK, well, Krystal is full-on nut roll by now. Tearful, whiny, needy, possessive and delusional. She’s coming unhinged. If Arie can’t see it, he’s a dope.

▪ Sienne had a one-on-one date with Arie and in addition to being beautiful, she’s very level-headed, charming and smart. I like her.

▪ Besides Krazy Krystal, Bekah M.’s date with Arie was the biggest news of the night. Arie is clearly bonkers for her, and was already a little concerned that she was too young for him – and that’s when he was thinking she was in her late 20s. She’s 22. She finally told Arie, 36, this bit of info and he was floored. He really likes her but is worried he’ll pick her and then she’ll decide she’s not ready to settle down. Arie’s looking for a wife, folks. He’s not leaving here without a wife. Bekah got a rose, but her stock dropped considerably.

Who went home?

Macquel had to leave because her grandfather died. At the rose ceremony, Brittany T. and Caroline were sent home.

A little about Arie

Fans of “The Bachelor” franchise will remember Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the Indy race car driver who fell for Emily Maynard of Charlotte during her 2012 season as “The Bachelorette.” Arie was Emily’s runner-up that season and was heartbroken that he did not get chosen. Arie seemed to really be in love with Emily and said in this season’s premiere that he had not felt that kind of connection with any woman since Emily. Awww. Emily is now married, but not to the guy she picked on “The Bachelorette.”

Arie is currently a real estate agent in Scottsdale, Ariz., but continues to be involved in racing.

We learned in the second episode of the season that he has a dog – a rescue mutt – that he has living with him during filming of the show. We also learned that before falling for Emily, who was a single mother, he lived with a girlfriend who had two small children.

In the third episode, we got to see more of Arie’s dog, named Bastian. He also revealed to Bekah M. that after having his heart broken by Emily, he only dated women who were “unavailable” so that he wouldn’t risk heartbreak again.

In the fourth week we learned that Arie broke his collarbone racing in a vehicle known as the Black Widow. He also admitted (to Bekah) that he’s a bit of a homebody, now that he’s older. He’s over all that going out, getting wild stuff. Arie wants to settle down.

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