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You have Spectrum cable, but you don’t have the ACC Network. Here’s why.

You send a check to Spectrum each month for your cable bill, but when you tune in to the brand new ACC Network, you get a rude blue screen telling you that you don’t have access to that channel, even though ACC Network is carried by Spectrum.

Your neighbors next door also have Spectrum cable, but they get ACC Network just fine.

What’s going on?

You, my sad friend, are a former Time Warner Cable “legacy” customer who gently transitioned to Spectrum when Charter purchased TWC in 2015.

That means you grandfathered in to Spectrum with whatever package you had while with Time Warner. And that does not include the ACC Network.

To get the ACC Network on Spectrum, you have to call Spectrum (1-855-707-7328) and have your account migrated to an actual Spectrum package.

For some people, this could result in a lower bill, but for some (yours truly), it will not.

Spectrum says that right now, more than 82 percent of customers are in Spectrum packages.

But can you watch on the Spectrum App?

Short answer: No.

The Spectrum App feeds from the Spectrum plan you pay for, and if you’re a Time Warner Cable legacy customer, it won’t work.

That goes for the mobile app as well as the TV app that plays over Roku, Apple TV, etc.

Can you watch on the ESPN App?

That’s another no. For the same reason as above.

What can you do?

Call Spectrum and see what switching to a Spectrum plan looks like.

It may work out well for you. My mother recently switched her TWC legacy account to Spectrum and saved some money. For me — and for some other folks I’ve heard from — it costs more (the amount will vary according to your plan).

Note that switching to a different package could mean a slightly different channel lineup, so be sure to ask what you’ll lose (or gain).

The number: 1-855-707-7328

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Brooke Cain is a North Carolina native who has worked at The News & Observer for more than 20 years. She writes about TV and local media for the Happiness is a Warm TV blog, and answers CuriousNC questions for readers.