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Ordering Papers

NIE is digital! The News & Observer Newspapers in Education program nowoffers an exact replica of The News & Observer online - FREE to students andteachers for classroom use!

In The News & Observer's primary delivery area (Wake, Durham, Orange, andJohnston counties), print editions are still available for a charge of 25cents each, but in other counties where delivery costs have become even moreexorbitant, schools can only order e-editions.

You can register, sign up for subscriptions, manage your account and accessthe e-edition from our new website.

Here's an overview of the registration process:

Step 1: Click here to start. Click the"Sign Up" button. Select a teacher login and password for securitypurposes. This is the login you will use to manage your orders. Later youwill create a login for you and your students to use to access thee-edition. You will also enter your name and school email address.

Step 2: After you see the "New Account - Thank You" page, you'll need tocheck your email inbox for an activation link. The email will have thesubject line "Please activate your new account." Click on the link in theemail to activate your account.

Step 3: You should now see the main menu page of the NIE teacherregistration system. Click on the "Place new order" button to place yourorder.

Step 4: From the next screen, you will select your school and the calendaron which you teach. If yours is a 12-month position in a year-round school,select track 5. Enter your phone number at the school, the grades you teach,and the TOTAL number of students you teach.

Step 5: The Subscription Schedule screen allows you to determine how longyou want your subscriptions to last. Enter your start and stop date and daysof week you want to order. The default will be the day you order through thelast day of the school year. Next, choose a username and password differentthan the teacher login that you created in step one. This login andpassword will be used by you and your students to access the free e-editionfrom school or home. If you choose to use the e-edition you must order aminimum of 10 copies. You will login to the E-edition from the blue box inthe middle of the NIE home page.

NOTE: If receiving print copies of the newspaper is an option in yourcounty, you'll need to select whether you want the free E-edition only or ifyou want to order print copies on one or more days of the week at a cost of25 cents per copy. You will need to indicate the number of copies you want(minimum of 5 copies for print). Then agree to the terms listed and selectContinue. If you selected print copies, payment of 25 cents per copy will bedue at the time of the order. It is payable by credit card only.

Step 6: You will now see a Subscription Confirmation page outlining thedetails of your subscription. If everything looks good, click "Submit Order"to finalize your order. You will receive an email confirmation of yoursubscription as well - AND - you will have immediate access to the e-editionthrough a link that is provided! If you ordered print copies, yourconfirmation will also serve as a receipt.

NOTE: If you selected the print option, please allow 5 working days toprocess your order and start your newspaper delivery.