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Walmart clerk stabbed repeatedly outside store where razor blades were stuck on carts

This story was updated on March 11 with the condition of the victim.

A North Carolina Walmart employee was hospitalized Tuesday after being stabbed repeatedly in the store’s parking lot, reports TV station WRAL.

It happened Monday outside the Walmart in Siler City -- the same eastern North Carolina store where razor blades were found stuck to shopping cart handles last month, according to details in multiple Siler City Police Facebook posts.

WRAL reported the 57-year-old victim was sitting in her car on a break from work when the stabbing took place. The station said the culprits were two men, and said the incident occurred just before 1 a.m. Sunday.

The victim has not been identified by Siler City Police, who have released three videos of the two suspects in what it called a “felonious assault.” Two videos show the suspects walking in hooded jackets, and a second shows them leaving in a blue SUV, said a police Facebook post.

In a March 7 update, police said the victim was in stable condition and “is assisting investigators to develop as much information as possible about the perpetrators.”

“It is believed that this was a random act not related to any other incident at Wal-Mart,” said the update.

Investigators say they also believe its possible “one of the suspects may have sustained a stab injury to one or both of his arms,” during the incident.

WTVD reports Walmart says it is working with police and released a statement on the stabbing: “We continue to keep this associate’s health and well being our in thoughts and prayers. We were shocked and saddened by this senseless act of violence.”

It’s the second time in three weeks that someone has been injured at the store in a criminal act.

Siler City Police posted last month that Walmart staff reported “several razor blades were located under the right hand side of several buggy handles” on Feb. 17. One woman was injured by one of the blades, the department said on Facebook.

Two suspects are being sought in the razor blades case, and the department has not announced any arrests.

Reaction to the latest stabbing incident at the store was a mix of shock and fear on social media.

“I wonder if these are the same guys who did the razor blades? Seems there is a motive here and really planned out,” one person said on the police Facebook page.

“What is going on in our small town?” another person posted on Facebook. “Last week someone was putting razor blades under the handle of shopping carts to cut people, and now an employee on break gets attacked and stabbed!”

“Now I’m a little afraid of staying in the car when I go to Walmart with my parents cause this ridiculous,” a third person posted.

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