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What happens when twins buy a winning lottery ticket? NC brothers are figuring it out

A set of twin brothers walked up to the counter of a convenience store and bought a winning lottery ticket with a $200,000 prize, according to a release from the North Carolina Education Lottery.

And they’re dividing up the winnings.

Brothers Ibrahim and Saher Mubarek, who are 18, took home $141,501 after federal and state withholdings, said the release. That’s $70,750.50 a piece if split evenly down the middle.

“I had to keep looking at the ticket,” Ibrahim Mubarek said in a statement released by lottery officials. “Once I realized we had won, I didn’t know what to do with it, so I hid it in my room!”

They showed up Monday at the lottery headquarters in Raleigh with their mom to get the money, lottery officials said.

The two UNC Chapel Hill students said they bought the $5 “All About the Bens” ticket at Academy Quick Stop on Academy Road in their hometown of Durham.

“We’ve bought maybe a handful of tickets since we turned eighteen. We were driving and saw the store and just decided to buy a ticket together,” Ibrahim Mubarek said in a release.

The two waited until they got home to start scratching the cards, and Ibrahim Mubarek admits staring repeatedly at the winning ticket, almost as if it might not be real.

Lottery officials didn’t say how long the brothers held onto the ticket before deciding to claim the prize.

Ibrahim Mubarek said they haven’t decided how to spend it, “probably because we are still in shock.”

However, his brother Saher Mubarek said he think they should take advantage of being out of school for the summer and travel.

“This is just so amazing,” Saher Mubarek said in a release. “We want to plan a trip in the next month or so, to Turkey or Greece.”

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