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NC man lives in replica Michael Myers house from ‘Halloween,’ but adds something vital

Kenny and Emily Caperton built and live in this replica of Michael Myers’ house, the central set piece in the slasher classic “Halloween.”
Kenny and Emily Caperton built and live in this replica of Michael Myers’ house, the central set piece in the slasher classic “Halloween.” Courtesy of Kenny Caperton

A 26-year-old first-time homebuyer with no blueprints and no land decided to build a near-exact replica of Michael Myers’ house from the 1978 horror film “Halloween.”

He has now lived in it about 10 years.

“We went from never owning a home to building a life-sized replica of a serial killer’s house,” Kenny Caperton told the News & Observer in 2018. “It looks fine and dandy until you know what it is.”

Caperton completed construction on what’s called “The Myers House NC” in 2009, according to the house’s website. It’s not open to “random visitors” and there are no tours, but people are allowed to make appointments to look at the exterior.

He also hosts an annual Halloween Bash — the most recent of which was held Oct. 19 — during which the house is open to the public, The Daily Tar Heel reported.

Caperton and his wife visited the original house in South Pasadena, Calif., to get exact measurements and re-create elements from the front porch — such as its “citrus-shape brackets on the porch posts,” the News & Observer reported.

From the front and side, Caperton said the house is “as close as possible to the original.”

But it’s not what you’d expect on the inside, according to the website.

The original Michael Myers house, built in 1888, evidently had no bathrooms, the site explains. So Caperton had to make some improvements to the layout.

He added bathrooms, larger bedrooms and a laundry room but reportedly kept at least one room — the one belonging to Myers’ first victim, his older sister Judith — in the same place.

The hallways, staircase, kitchen, dining room and living room were also kept in the same basic location, according to the website.

“Since the house is not just a replica project and is actually a primary place of residence, the house has modern appliances and is decorated in more of a rustic farmhouse/Victorian inspired look,” the site states.

This Michael Myers house also isn’t in a neighborhood, unlike the original.

Instead, it reportedly sits on five acres of farmland in Hillsborough — roughly 30 miles outside Raleigh.

“While the house’s setting might not mimic the neighborhood feel of the original, the rural setting has its own spooky charm and adds a unique twist on a house so many people are used to seeing in suburbia,” according to the website. “Imagine Michael Myers stalking you, and having no neighbors to run to!”

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