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Midtown's rub and rabbit

My husband and I enjoyed dinner at 115 Midtowne last week. We had the Smoked Rabbit Gumbo and the Espresso and Ancho Chile Crusted Strip Steak. Can you get the recipes for the rub that was on the steak and the gumbo? - S.M., Raleigh

This stylish North Hills restaurant is in the midst of an overhaul, including a recent paring of its name to Midtown (4421-115 Six Forks Road.; 787-8963; and a dining room makeover scheduled to be completed in January. General Manager Tim Fletcher is quick to point out, however, that popular chef Scott James is still in the kitchen. James shares both recipes, and in the spirit of the holiday season, throws in the Cabernet Cabrales Butter that accompanies the ancho-crusted steak.

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Smoked Rabbit Gumbo

Cabernet Cabrales Butter

Espresso-Ancho Chile Rub

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