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Gourmet — and flavored — cotton candy comes to Durham’s American Tobacco Campus


Talking to Jackie Morin, owner of gourmet cotton candy company Wonderpuff, you might get a contact sugar high, even over the phone.

Wonderpuff is the September tenant of the American Tobacco Campus’ pop-up space on Blackwell Street, a residency for small businesses who want to give it a go at a brick and mortar store.

Wonderpuff deals in sugar highs, but this isn’t the cotton candy you’ll find at the fair. Morin said Wonderpuff’s creations are made from scratch, all organic and vegan. The flavors are derived from extracts and sugar she creates with her husband Rem.

“I really love sugar; I’m an addict, doughnuts, lollipops, cake,” Morin said. “I’m spreading love and joy, but through sugar.”

Jackie and Rem Morin moved to the Triangle from Miami and started Wonderpuff in 2017. It’s mostly been a novelty at birthday parties, corporate events and other catered functions, but the pop-up will be the first opportunity to find the cotton candy in a consistent location.

“It’s going to be magical,” Morin said. “You’re going to shrink into your 7-year-old self.”

Morin learned how to spin cotton candy while volunteering on retreats for Florida-based non-profit Deliver the Dream.

“I gave it a try and I just started spinning this chemically infused cotton candy,” Morin said. “From then on I would be the one handling the cotton candy.... (At Wonderpuff) we use no artificial colors or extracts. Everything is made from scratch. We try to be earth-friendly and make a product that can be good for everyone.”

The menu will have around eight varieties, such as lavender and vanilla, cardamom and mango with chili. Morin said there will also be cake and ice cream, but know this is no children’s birthday party.

“This is a disco with sugar,” she said. “I’m a big kid. You think kids and cotton candy at the fair, but adults can move with it too.”

The pop-up store starts Sept. 4 and runs until Sept. 29, seven days a week, from noon until 7 p.m. For more, go to

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