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Meet the Designer: Deborah Beaman

A round table can create a more intimate setting.
A round table can create a more intimate setting. Courtesy of Deborah Beaman

Deborah Beaman

Interiors by Deborah Beaman, Raleigh

919-423-0162, BeamanInteriors.com

My design signature: Originality. We are all inspired by the latest in trendsetting, but I prefer to draw my design inspiration from simply being unique, original and not following what others are doing. A space should be a personal reflection of its occupants.

Best way to make a statement in the living room: I can always create an interesting focal point such as a feature wall done in a different color or finish, with an interesting art piece that draws the eye. But an ideal balance of natural lighting, ambient, accent and task lighting can make all the difference. It is an integral part of interior designing and should never be overlooked.

Best $100 decor refresher: The easiest way to refresh a space is to give it a thorough cleaning and decluttering. It’s amazing how this simple task can really freshen a space.

Next project at my house: I’ve been thinking about having the furniture in our master suite repainted from a dark color to a lighter, brighter color, then switching out the bedding fabrics and pillows. I think the changes of the seasons prompt us to switch things up a bit.

Best travel souvenir: I have a beautiful hand-painted fan from Granada Spain that I admire often. It’s colorful and bold. I keep it in my china cabinet near the glass so I can see it from many angles.

Round table or rectangle: It really depends on the size and purpose of the space and what else is in the space. In a dining room, a round table lends toward a more intimate setting, where people can easily see each other and communicate. A round or oval coffee table or end table might complement and contrast the many straight lines of case goods, and furniture in a living room. It’s all about the balance.

Most underrated decor color: I genuinely enjoy all color. It depends on its application. Too much color in a space can cause the eye to tire. It’s always about finding a balance of color and texture in a space. Color preferences are subjective and in the “eye of the beholder.” I always say that “a world devoid of color would be like living in a world devoid of music.”

What never goes out of style: Function. No matter what the space, or how beautiful it may be, the occupant has to be able to function well there. It’s always about finding the right balance of function and aesthetics, which is unique to all of us.

Best piece of decorating wisdom you have ever heard: Don’t be afraid to break the rules, but follow the principles of design.

Favorite local place to shop: Furnitureland South in Jamestown, N.C. It’s the largest furniture store in the world. It’s like Disneyland for designers and homeowners alike.