A.C. Snow

Twittering over one thing or another – Snow

I don’t tweet. However, I have nothing against those who do.

But I wonder if the addiction to cell phones, iPads, etc. is enhancing or endangering social intercourse.

I walked into a Raleigh restaurant, but paused near the entrance where a couple sat at their table, with heads bowed, saying grace over their meal. I remained immobile until I discerned that the two weren’t praying. Instead, both were pecking away on their smart phones, texting instead of talking to each other.

Peg Espisito, a longtime reader, complained in an email over how so many people have unplugged themselves from the world around them and plugged their ears with cell phones.

She wrote that she and her grandpuppy Zeus had walked all the way around Lake Lynn, a feat that took one and a half hours.

“Zeus is 10 and I’m 61, so we were challenged,” she wrote. “The trek included a few rest stops and a conversation with a man fishing from the bridge.

“I thought of you and wondered if you’ve ever done a column on how disconnected people have become with all those electronic devices available to them. Ninety-five percent of the people I passed had a phone in their hand or even worse strapped to their arm with earbuds in their ears, listening to music or whatever.

“The only people who smiled and said hello were about 60 and up in age. They did not have phones in their hands. It makes me very sad that electronics have become an addiction to too many people, especially younger ones.

“I have two grandchildren coming in the spring and my children have said they will not let them have phones or tablets until a certain age. I hope they mean it!”

Happy Birthday

A happy birthday to your and my friend, Ted Geisel, who was born March 2, 1904, and died at age 87, but will live forever in the hearts of children.

Of course you know Ted, alias Dr. Seuss. You raised your kids on his gospel:

I do not like

green eggs and ham.

I do not like them

Sam I am.

Food for thought

Someone wondered why we’re so obsessed in finding intelligent life on another planet when we don’t even have intelligent life on this one.

Because the planets are out there. And we are a curious people.

Fatal critique

Smart husbands, after reading a recent news story about a Pennsylvania woman who shot and killed her spouse after he complained about her burning a casserole, will think at least thrice before denigrating the food put before them.

My wife is an excellent cook so I very rarely have cause to complain. One reason I hold her culinary abilities in such high esteem is that I am totally inept in the kitchen.

I once mentioned in a column that while she was out of town, I was unable to boil an egg to my satisfaction. I was deluged by readers’ recipes for boiling eggs. I never imagined there were so many ways to boil an egg.

In my male-dominated family, cooking was exclusively “woman’s work.” And I still recall the time when my young nephew Abraham came into the kitchen while I was unloading the dishwasher.

He stopped short and looked at me disdainfully as he exclaimed in disgust, “Uncle A.C., mens don’t do dishes!”

More and more of today’s “mens” do dishes and other housekeeping chores.

Nevertheless, the timeworn lament “Men work from sun to sun. A woman’s work is never done” still applies to a great extent in today’s culture.

The media

Our president says the news media is the enemy of the people. I like to think we’re a part of the people. Oh, sure, the press can be pesky and even arrogant at times.

But eliminating the press would be like dropping a curtain of darkness over our nation.

Mr. Trump is not the first president to express dissatisfaction with the press. President Herbert Hoover once declared, “The president of the United States will not stand and be questioned like a chicken thief by men whose names he does not even know.”

Nevertheless, Thomas Jefferson once said, “If it were left for me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate for a moment to choose the latter.”