This NC husky got overheated. Millions are watching a video showing how he cools off.

Facebook screenshot.
Facebook screenshot.

Siberian huskies were bred to withstand bitterly cold conditions, so even a North Carolina spring can send them searching for ways to cool down.

A video of Kinston, North Carolina, husky Mako doing just that has nearly 10 million views on Facebook.

Lenoir County commissioner and business owner Eric Rouse posted a video on May 2 taken by his wife, Alice Rouse. In the video, Alice Rouse says the two had just taken Mako for a run around the field near their home.

"We couldn't find him," Alice Rouse says in the video.

But then Eric Rouse opens the lid of an ice machine, and snuggled inside is Mako.

"Laying in the ice machine," Alice Rouse says, while Eric laughs and Mako turns his head away, farther into the ice machine.

"I'm so ashamed," Eric Rouse says, speaking for Mako, who buries his nose further into the ice before closing his eyes for a nap.

After Mako's run around the house, Rouse said, he had some water and went his own way.

But later, Rouse said he heard a noise. When he went to investigate, he saw Mako's hind legs disappearing into the ice machine near the family's garage. His bushy white tail was left hanging out.

“I guess he smelled the ice or felt the cold air and flipped it open with his nose and got in, knowing it would feel good,” Rouse said.

Since the video went viral, the Rouses created a Facebook page for Mako,

The Rouses said they won't use the ice in the machine anymore and will leave it for Mako.

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