As Lifepointe Church grows rapidly, its members consider their journey ‘unfinished’

The three local campuses of Lifepointe Church are embarking on a two-year journey of spiritual and physical growth in a movement they call “Unfinished.”

“We realized instead of stopping what we’re doing, let’s never be finished with what we are doing,” said Donnie Williams, lead pastor at Lifepointe.

“It’s what we’re saying to each other, to God and to the community,” Williams said. “We’ve got a lot more to do here. We are going to declare ourselves unfinished, and we’re going to do something bigger than we’ve ever done before.”

The plans include finding more permanent homes for Lifepointe’s Cary and Wake Forest locations, which now meet inside schools, and expanding the available space of the main North Raleigh campus on Durant Road. Church leaders want to make their buildings open and accessible to the communities around them.

They hope to accomplish that with community meeting spaces, performing arts facilities, indoor and outdoor playgrounds with play spaces designed for special needs children. There will be an arts-focused preschool and a full-service cafe.

Williams said the Unfinished journey is only partially about providing three growing congregations with spaces to worship.

“We knew we needed to have buildings anyway, and we are just reimagining what a building would look like to meet the community’s needs rather than just our needs to meet as a church,” Williams said.

Another component of Unfinished is the creation of the Lifepointe Adoption Fund. That money would be earmarked to help parents grow their families through adoption.

“Adoption is something to do for the next generation,” Williams said. “There are so many young families that feel called to adoption, but the big obstacle is finances.”

Church leaders believe they need $9 million over the next two years for their Unfinished plans. There won’t be a separate building fund or capital campaign to pay for it all.

Members are being encouraged to think about increasing their contributions to make new things happen. It’s that generosity that has fueled the growth of Lifepointe.

The church began in 2004 meeting in a movie theater off of Six Forks Road. A second theater location opened in 2008 in North Raleigh’s Wakefield neighborhood. Lifepointe merged with a 50-year old church in 2011 that was the seed of the Cary campus.

In 2012, Lifepointe planted a church in Ecuador and has gone on to plant more of them around Ecuador as well as in the United States.

In 2013, the main North Raleigh campus on Durant Road opened its doors, and by 2015 attendance was so high that a separate location opened in Wake Forest. Williams hopes that everyone who makes Lifepointe their church home will embrace the focus and forward growth that will come from Unfinished.

“As we look to the past amazed at what God has done, we look to the future with excitement about what He is going to do next in our church,” Williams told the congregation. “We stand ready for the challenge and for God to work in each of us to change our lives and to draw others to Christ through us and to make a difference like never before.”

Church leaders are embracing the words of Philippians 1:6 to help guide this mission: “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you will continue his work until it is finally finished.”

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