Samanage raises $5 million in funding

Fast-growing information technology management software firm Samanage has raised $5 million in funding to accelerate its expansion.

Samanage has expanded from 9 employees company-wide a year ago to 30 today, including 11 at its U.S. office in Cary. Samanage also has offices in Israel and The Netherlands.

The company’s cloud-based software is used by customers in 45 countries; customers range from Dun & Bradstreet to the Town of Cary.

Two Israeli venture capital firms, Carmel Ventures and Gemini Israeli Ventures, provided Samanage’s latest round of funding. Last year Carmel invested $3 million in Samanage.

“Samange has been growing quickly and addresses a real need in the market,” Ronen Nir, a partner at Carmel Ventures, said in a statement. “We clearly want to keep fostering this.”

Samanage executives weren’t available for additional comment.