Durham startup ArchiveSocial partners with Obama White House

Durham startup ArchiveSocial has applied its specialty – archiving the social media messages of government officials – to the presidency of Barack Obama.

ArchiveSocial launched a website Thursday that features a searchable archive of more than 260,000 social media postings, including photos and videos, originating from the White House during Obama’s two terms in office. The website, which ArchiveSocial is also hosting, includes social media profiles such as @POTUS, @WhiteHouse and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Instagram account.

ArchiveSocial founder and CEO Anil Chawla said the company contacted the White House after it reached out to the public in October seeking ways to archive its content to “make it both useful and available for years to come.” The White House touts that Obama was the first “social media president” because he was the first to have a Twitter account and go live on Facebook, as well as the first to answer questions from the public on YouTube.

ArchiveSocial volunteered its services and received no compensation, but it assembled the archive with the “full coordination and collaboration” of the White House, Chawla said.

Founded in 2011, ArchiveSocial launched its product in 2012. Its clients include virtually every city and county government in the Triangle, as well as the cities of Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas and Orlando and the entire U.S. Department of Justice, Chawla said.

“At this point, we believe we are the leading technology in all of government for archiving social media,” he said.

The 25-employee company boosted its revenue by nearly 100 percent in 2016 and anticipates its rapid growth will continue in 2017.

“We’re actively hiring for a variety of roles, including senior leadership on the engineering and marketing side,” Chawla said. “In the next year, we could be looking at growing anywhere from 50 percent to 100 percent in terms of headcount.”

David Ranii: 919-829-4877, @dranii