Dust off the toys in your attic, the NC Museum of History wants them

The North Carolina Museum of History wants your G.I. Joes and Tickle Me Elmo toys for its permanent collection and upcoming exhibit.

The museum is accepting donated or loaned toys that have marked the childhood of many generations, especially those with a North Carolina connection or from the 1950s through 1990s, according to a statement from the museum.

A connection to the state can be as simple as a toy that belonged to a North Carolinian or one that was used in the state, said Katie Edwards, curator of popular culture at the museum.

The museum is interested in toys like:

1950s: Slinky, Mr. Potato Head (the model that used actual potatoes), Piston Action Robot, Silly Putty, Betsy Wetsy Doll, Tiny Tears Doll, Gumby, Play-Doh, Saralee Doll

1960s: Easy-Bake Oven, space-related toys, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, G.I. Joe (original), Operation (game), Mystery Date (game)

1970s: Pet Rock, Intellivision, Stretch Armstrong, Big Wheel

1970s and 1980s: Star Wars toys, electronic toys like Speak & Spell and Simon

1980s: My Little Pony (in good condition)

1990s: Tickle Me Elmo

It is also accepting miscellaneous toys like, Nintendo Game Boy (in good condition), Lite-Brite, Lincoln Logs, Hungry Hungry Hippos (game), Twister, Mouse Trap (game), army men (green plastic soldiers)

Those interested in donating or loaning their toys can submit this form to the museum or contact Katie Edwards in the museum’s curation department at 919-807-7894 or katie.edwards@ncdcr.gov.

Camila Molina: 919-829-4538, @Cmolina__