It’s cold, but no, there are no icebergs off the North Carolina coast

A photo of a giant iceberg off the coast of the Outer Banks near a Nags Head pier is fake, though the image was shared hundreds of times and dozens of Facebook users seemed convinced it was real.

The photo illustration was posted by Facebook user Alex Lex, an Outer Banks photographer on Dec. 28, 2017, with the caption “60 ft. giant iceberg spotted off the coast of Outer Banks, Nags Head.”

But the photo isn’t real, and it’s not the first photo illustration Alex Lee has posted. Many of the photographer’s posts include photos that show real scenes from the Outer Banks, with other, unrealistic elements added.

The photo illustration had been shared nearly 300 times as of late Tuesday afternoon, had nearly 500 reactions and dozens of comments.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 4.11.44 PM

While many Facebook users understood the nature of the photo illustration, or were skeptical, others wondered if it was real.

“Really? It should be a ‘news item’. I’m waiting,” wrote Rose Katona Meadows.

“That came across the Atlantic and no one noticed it till it hit Nags head? Wow,” wrote Kimberley Ann.

“My God! How long has this been happening?” wrote Sandra Bauer.

“Is this for real???!!!” wrote Laurel Anderson.

“Haven’t heard about this in local news. I don’t think its that deep right there,” wrote Marilyn Daniels.

“Not sure I believe this. Hasn’t been that cold on the coast!!” wrote Sandy Dey Buffington.

“Is this real? I”m actually FREAKING OUT OVER THIS PIC!” wrote Robin Jayne.

An iceberg or “ice mountain” is a large piece of freshwater ice broken off of a glacier or ice shelf that floats freely in open water. About 91 percent of an iceberg is below the surface of the water.